Founder's Desk

We have always wanted to contribute back to society towards a cause that we have cherished and have wanted to pursue, “empowering women”. We feel very happy and gratified that we have started our work towards accomplishing this goal.

To “empower” women is to, “give power or authority”. This can only be achieved by providing a positive culture for women to become confident in themselves to achieve their maximum potential. We believe the process of empowerment needs to start at a very young age, if not at conception. Poverty, malnutrition and lack of education are the leading obstacles to empowering women along with cultural and generational ideologies.

All human beings have one common goal – to live a happy and a meaningful life. We live in a stressful world with a web of complexities where we are pushed to our emotional limits. Our goal is to support women, to create happier people who develop and nurture stronger and loving relationships.

The Rekhi foundation for Happiness is an initiative that would help in imparting happiness, positive psychology and monetary assistance to people, specifically girls, who are in need so that we can contribute towards developing an eco-system of happy and successful people. We would like to do our part for our society to enable others to live happier and more meaningful lives by providing more opportunities.

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